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Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st Post 7:14 A.M Saturday Feb. 27, 2010

Well, here I am folks - been up since yesterday around 6 a.m. couldn't sleep because of, yes, you guessed it. My back and my knees.

I slept for maybe 2 hours, woke up because I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my left eye. Turns out, I was asleep with my eye open. I dried out my eye and scratched the inside of my lid and it is rubbing against my cornea. I dried up the cornea and damaged that too. They say it will take about 48 hours to heal up and I should be good to go.

This is happening more and more. I have to burry my face into a pillow to keep my eyes closed. And thats when I am sleeping. And that, as most of you know is about 2 hours here 1 hour there for a total of 2 - 3 1/2 hours of sleep A NIGHT.
I am going to go search for a killer blog theme that will go nicely with my images and not clash with them. Wish me luck because I haven'a a CLUE how this stuff works. I am barely able to use my camera!!! sheesh. (but I am pretty decent sometimes though, I dont know how it happens, but it does Thank goodness!!!

I'll be back for more posts later. Im going to check out this ad sense thing! to see if I can get some people to help support my photography habit - in turn buying my images on petalsandpawsphotos.etsy.com or my jewelry so I can donate to my favorite non-profits.

So you, yes you go to my etsy account shown in the paragraph above this one!!! Please?

also my flickr stream is moving right along too! And every single one of those images is for sale too! just ask.


okay ya'll by for now!

I love you all.

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